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Staffing is important factor in delivering high-quality care. By joining Temployer you get access to growing pool of candidates without extra effort.

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How Caritas Services Ltd saves £15,000 monthly using Temployer

In 2012 Caritas put out a tender and selected to work with Temployer solution tackle the issue of using a lot of temporary workers to fill scheduled and unscheduled hours. Phase one of the project included 6 care homes and it was launched, after the completion of prerequisites, in two days.

Caritas didn’t have any information regarding its temps in electronic format hence no data was uploaded into the service. Instead, Caritas informed its staff about the project and actively encouraged people interested in temping to create a profile in Temployer. After one week a sufficient number of temps had registered in the service for Caritas to start advertising shifts. After successfully piloting the service for 2 months it was rolled out to the rest of the organisation.

Today Caritas uses Temployer as the only source of temporary staff as well as the system to advertise and manage scheduled and unscheduled hours. Caritas’s bank contains over 3000 temps out of which approximately 60% are skilled professionals i.e. not students. On average the company advertises 650 shifts per month and 92% of them get booked through the system in median time of 9 minutes. In monetary terms this equals to approximately £15,000 per month savings versus the old recruitment model based on staffing agencies.

All our temporary workers come from Temployer. It is easy to use, efficient service to find workers to our care homes and to manage the whole process around temporary workers. We couldn’t and wouldn’t want to do without it.

Ulla Pyykkönen
Personel planner
Caritas Services ltd.
Caritas Services Logo

Caritas Services Ltd is one of the largest private care home and home care providers in Finland with 18 care homes, over 400 employees and turnover about £18M in 2015.

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  • Continuous visibility to job seekers with your logo and company infomation
  • Applications direct to your inbox
  • Unlimited applications
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  • All features from BASE
  • Custom screening questions
  • Vacancies emailed to the 100 best matching candidates
  • Private staff bank solution
£100 / month
  • All features from BASE and BASE+
  • Online shift booking
  • Book workers directly into shifts
  • Mass communication tools
£80 / month
+ £10 / shift

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